Our app lets you select and send jobs to let customers choose a time when you’re either unbooked or in the area.

There are two ways for Autobooking your boiler services. The first one and quickest way is to click on the notification as shown below on your 'Office' tab.

Clicking on 'Save time with Autobook' will prompt a series of screens to help you manage which services you want to send to 'Autobook' and which ones you would prefer to decline. You can select one by one or all by clicking on 'Select All' at the top left of the screen.

Once you have sent your services to Autobook, they will appear on the 'In Autobook' section within 'Jobs' on your Office tab. You can also manually Autobook your services as they come by clicking on '🤖 Autobook' on the job card.

Note: You need to first set your availability 📆 before sending jobs to Autobook.

And here are some tips to enhance your Autobook experience

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