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We hope you are loving using Autobook as much as we loved building it. Take your Autobooking game to the next level with these pro tips from our top users.

  1. 📆 Set recurring weekly and daily availability: Our most effective users set aside specific days or times during the week for boiler servicing. For example, Wednesdays and Fridays. This ensures that customers are always presented with some availability when they attempt to book. Customers are sent invitations over a 4 week period, and they can book up to 6 weeks in advance at any point. Having recurring weekly availability means that you don't need to continually update your daily availability.

  2. 🗒️ Open enough slots: You'll be surprised by how quickly your diary gets filled up! Make sure you have enough availability set for the no. of invitations you send. We recommend making capacity for about 25% more jobs than what you have sent invitations for, over a 6 week period. For example,

  3. 🚙 Check you drive time limits: You can configure this to suit what works best in your patch. We recommend higher values in urban areas. Even in rural areas, we have found that going below 10 minutes can significantly impact the amount of slots available to customers. We recommend reviewing this setting if you find that customers are booking in for different times and your slots are not getting filled up.

  4. Check for jobs that you don't want to do: Always check the jobs that CORGI HomePlan assign to you, and make sure that they are in the area that you cover before sending jobs to Autobook. Even a few jobs that are too far away from all the others can limit your overall Autobook performance. Feel free to Decline jobs that you don't want to do.

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