We understand that engineers sometimes have work already planned in an area, and that you would like Autobook to schedule jobs around where you are.

We currently do not have the functionality to specify areas that you want to work on a specific day. However, there is a way to make this work for you through a process called "Seeding your diary". You can follow these steps -

  1. Identify the day(s) and location(s) that you want to cover. This should ideally be about a week or at least 4 to 5 days from today

  2. From your list of boiler services, pick one service in that area for each day you plan to work there.

  3. Manually book these jobs in the app by calling up the customer [more information on how to book jobs]

  4. Ensure that your availability settings make those days available [more information about setting availability] We recommend that you make enough days available so that customers are presented with enough options.

  5. You can now send jobs that in those areas to be Autobooked [more information on how to send jobs to Autobook]

Autobook will ensure that jobs are only booked within the drive time limits that you set. "Seeding" the diary with one job in an area prior to sending jobs to Autobook ensures that other jobs in the area are also booked around it.

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