To create a record click on the plus ➕ button on the navigation bar and select Record at the bottom. You can then select which type of record you would like to create. We currently have Service, Landlord Gas Safety, Gas Warning Notice and Homeowner Gas Safety. In this article, we will show you how to create an LGSR or Landlord Gas Safety Record.

On the images shown below, Tap to select customer (landlord) - you will be prompted to choose an address - choose Landlord address. Landlord address has been added - next tap to add job address - choose the address of the job (tenant address). Both addresses will be displayed on the record. Add information about every appliance inspected by clicking on "Add Appliance".

Scroll down and you can add who was present in the property and ask them to sign. Once saved you will be taken to the details screen. From here you can Preview the certificate by clicking on "Preview" on the top right. You can also see the date of the next safety check.

From here you can send your certificate to the customer.

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