To create a quote click on the plus ➕ button on the navigation bar and select Quote 📑 at the bottom. Add a customer and a customer's address. If the customer is a landlord, you can add a separate address for the property. Link the Quote to an existing job if it is related to a job booked on Kantan. If you don't know how to create a job, click here.

Add Items, i.e. labour and/or discounts if you have agreed that with your customer. Send the quote via email or other apps. You can preview the quote at any time before you send it by clicking on the 'Preview' button at the top.

Edit the content of your email before you lick Next. Don't forget to add an email address to be able to send it if your contact doesn't have one yet and voila, your quote is sent!

You can also convert the quote to an Invoice. Click here to know more about invoices.

Want to look more professional on your quotes and invoices? Personalise your customer interactions by adding your business details and logo to the app.

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