All your jobs are available in the Office tab. Scroll left on the filters to see more categories.

The categories or filters are as follows:

Unbooked jobs: Jobs that have not yet been booked. These can be booked by tapping on the job card. In the case of boiler services, you can also send them to Autobook (read more about Autobook)

Booked jobs: Jobs for which you have an appointment already booked in the future.

Uncompleted: Jobs for which you had an appointment in the past and have not yet submitted a job sheet.

In Autobook: Once you have sent your jobs to Autobook, your customer will receive notifications to book their services for 4 weeks.

Done: Once you have submitted the job sheet for a completed job, your jobs will appear here.

You can also search and sort your jobs in your office. Check the article below to learn how.

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