When completing a jobsheet for a callout you will be prompted to enter any costs for that particular job, both labour and parts.

You will need to fill in details about the Appliance and Fault before filling in the Job Costs section. Once done, tap on edit "Job Costs" on your jobsheet. This will open the job costs modal.

Adding Labour Costs

  • You will see your hourly labour rate at the top of the screen which you have agreed with CORGI HomePlan. This is not editable.

  • Tapping on "Add a labour item" allows you to write a description for your labour and number of hours required to complete the job

  • You can always delete this line by tapping on the trash icon to the right.

  • You will notice that your Labour Costs are automatically calculated and displayed depending on how many hours you enter and your labour rate.

Adding Parts Costs

  • Parts will always have a material markup of 10% which is automatically calculated based on what you input. This field is not editable.

  • Tapping on "Add a part" allows you to write a description of your part and the cost of that part in £.

  • As you type in a cost, you will notice the automatic calculation of the total Parts Cost which takes into account the 10% parts markup

  • You can always delete the part by tapping on the trash icon to the right

You will notice an automatic calculation at the bottom of the screen which displays your Net amount, VAT amount and Total cost of invoice.

Tapping on Save, will close the modal and display your updated Job Costs.

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