What can I see on the calendar

You’re able to see your booked jobs for each day (and up to a year in the future). The calendar is set as default to today, and this is highlighted by a blue circle around the day of the week (M for Monday, T for Thursday and so on).

Underneath, you’ll see the date and also the number of jobs you have that day. In the example below, you’ll see that Saturday 19th March is shown, and we have 3 jobs booked that day.

To change the day on the calendar, simply scroll left or right to the correct month and then scroll to the date you’re looking for. If it any point you want to return to the current day, just click “Today” in the top left hand corner

Each date also has a coloured circle around it which shows you at a glance whether there are booked jobs today and in the future, or even completed and uncompleted jobs in the past. Here is a key explaining each of these elements:

The calendar monthly view

If you’d rather look at a monthly view of your calendar, simply click the calendar icon in the top right corner, and the monthly calendar view will open for you.

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