Boiler services for which we have the email address and/or mobile number for a customer can be sent to Autobook from the Office section of the app. When you send a job to Autobook, the Kantan system sends the customer an email and text message with an invitation to book their annual boiler service.

The customer clicks on a link in the email or text, which takes them to a booking portal (screens below) on their internet browser.

The customer is first recommended a slot based on what would work best for an engineer. This will be the slot that has the most number of booked jobs nearby.

If the customer cannot do that time, they can click on "Find an alternative time". They are then presented other slots based on the availability set by the engineer through the Kantan App.

Kantan will offer only slots that are currently empty, or that have another job that is within the maximum drive time limit set in the app. The customer can choose an available slot and confirm the booking. At this point Kantan sends an email and text confirmation of the appointment to the customer. Kantan will also send a reminder about the appointment on the day prior to the appointment.

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