Our app lets you select and send jobs to let customers choose a time when you’re either unbooked or in the area.

  1. To see your unbooked jobs, navigate to the Office tab.

  2. In your Unbooked Boiler Services, you can manually book them or send them to Autobook. If you want to choose more than one job to send to Autobook you can tap on the Select button on the top right, then tick the jobs you want to send to Autobook and send them out to residents. There may be some jobs for which we do not have the email or mobile number for the customer. These jobs cannot be sent to Autobook, and will need to be booked manually. You can also Decline the jobs you don’t want to take on straight from the job card.

If you go back to the Office on the top left, you can see which jobs are being Autobooked. Once the customers book, they will move to the Booked Jobs section in Office.

Note: You need to first set your availability before sending jobs to Autobook.

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