For callouts you will receive a text message from CORGIHP with a link to the app. Once you arrive in the Office section of the app, you can choose to book or decline a job. If you click on Book you will be taken to a screen where you can see your calendar. We add green dots next to slots where you're already working in the area. Clicking on a slot will display other jobs currently booked in that slot.

You can call the customer from this page by clicking on the Call button next to the customer name. You can then agree with your customer the most appropriate time for the job.

Once agreed, tap Save on the top right corner. This will book the job and move it to your Jobs calendar.

Please ensure that you have agreed the time and date with the customer before you save the job.

Boiler services

For boiler services, from the Office, you can manually schedule an unbooked job similar to the process for callouts described above.

You can also save time on booking boiler services by using our Autobook feature.

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